The band formerly known as Alice Nine decided to break free from the visual kei label PS Company last year, which is a huge deal, as the band has been signed to this label for a whole decade! This move led to the band being independently managed, creating huge flexibility, to write on new material without restrictions, and for the band to go back to basics. However, a sudden move as this didn’t come without legal issues, which is why the band now has decided to permanently change their name to “A9”.

Although the band had announced “Alice Nine” would be their official name after the first comeback live during the summer, they have now come with a new official statement, announcing today that they will be resuming activities as A9 from now on. You may have seen their name previously stylized as “alicenine.”, “Alice Nine” with the space in between and also their Japanese name “アリス九號.”.

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At their 10th anniversary last year, A9 declared the departure of their management company and continued to release their first independent album Ginga no oto on August 23.

They announced the band name “Alice Nine” after the comeback live on August 8 at Toyosu Pit, when they completed the Re:birth -Hisho- tour but faced difficulties for using this name. This almost resulted in the cancellation of this tour, but they managed to overcome the problems for their supporters and fans.

To prevent further issues related with the usage of “Alice Nine”, the band has decided to change permanently to “A9”. This also signifies their determination to be starting anew, breaking off from their previous management and independence. And so, Re:birth -Hisho- and Re:birth-Tensyou- will be the band’s last tour as “Alice Nine”.

A9 will be holding a one-man concert on December 25 (Christmas day!) at Roppongi EX theatre.

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