Wagakki Band surprises us with a new stunning looking music video “Akatsukino Ito”!

Wagakki Band’s upcoming album is still a month away, while we wait, how about enjoying the new gorgeous music video “Akatsukino Ito”? Already from the start we dramatically see drummer Wasabi lying on the floor, reaching for his katana. Upon reaching it, he takes a stance, ready to fight! Suddenly, the taiko starts playing, signaling that the combat is about to begin, and with the entrance of Yuko’s art of shigin (a traditional Japanese singing style) we can only expect that things are going to get intense!

Akatsukino Ito can be found as the ninth track in Wagakki Band’s new upcoming album Yasou Emaki, containing basically only exclusive original work from the band, unlike their previous cover album Vocaloid Zanmai. What’s interesting with this new release connects to something the band stated in the past:

Rather than the traditional instruments being in the front or vice versa, we want each member to have a stage presence. We are an 8-piece band where every member is a leading character, not just the vocals.

This is clearly something they achieved with Akatsukino Ito, not only through the video but the actual song. Oppose to a traditional song, this sounds a lot more like a soundtrack from a movie. Is this a good or a bad thing? You decide. Another thing that might given you a headscratch, “why did it seem like the song ended so quickly”. That’s mainly because of the song repeats its verse continuously (strophic form).

The new album Yasou Emaki is expect to be released on September 3.

Update: The character on Wasabi’s back reads “Akatsuki”.

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The quote came from the interview conducted by Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi during their Anime Expo visit.

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