Some insanely realistic synthetic vocals were recently shown off in the new music video pygmalion, a song composed by the “Vocaloid” producer “out of survice” (no, that’s not a typo). The song features vocals provided by the voice synthesizer ONE (pronounced “o-ne”), which is mixed so well that you can almost fool anyone into believing that an actual singer sang this song!

We are of course aware that these voice banks are prerecorded by real humans to begin with, but synthesizing it to sound this real is not only a chore but takes a lot of skills too!

Moreover, unlike Vocaloids—which are developed by Yamaha—ONE comes from the CeVIO family, developed by “1st Place”, and thus strictly speaking, they’re not actually referred to as a Vocaloid, but rather as a CeVIO.

out of service / ピグマリオン【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】

Do you think you would even be able to suspect anything before reading this story? Tell us in the comment section below!

The humanoid persona of the CeVIO "ONE".

The humanoid persona of the CeVIO “ONE”.

More info:
1st Place Official Website
out of survice Official Website

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