Sakanaction spends time to revisit tracks for their “Natsukashi tsuki wa atarashi tsuki ~Coupling & Remix work~” album, out today on the 5th August. This 2 disc, 26 track album is available in 3 editions, with one limited edition containing a DVD. First of two discs features “Coupling & Unreleased works” whilst the second includes remixed works.

I’ve been following Sakanaction since their Native Dancer release back in 2009, ‘starring’ the dancing sneakers of the vocalist, Ichiro Yamaguchi. This group produces a diverse range of electronic rock, all strangely catchy. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with these guys, and you are also interested in the more pop, casual range of rock, give these guys a try.

“Years” Music Video

“Holy dance” Music Video

“Slow motion” Music Video


Natsukashi tsuki wa atarashi tsuki ~Coupling & Remix work~

Regular edition

CD 1

  1. Holy Dance
  2. Ame(A)
  3. Multiple Exposure
  4. Years
  5. Eiga (Conté 2012/11/16 17:24)
  6. Music (2013)
  7. Slow Motion
  8. Rookie
  9. Modokashii Hibi
  10. Spoon to Ase
  11. Neptunus
  12. Montage
  13. Night Fishing Is Good (Iw Remix)
  14. Music (Ej Remix)
  15. Identity (Ks Remix)
  16. Go to the Future (2006 Ver.)

CD 2

  1. Goodbye (Next World Remix)
  2. Ame(B) (Sakanatribe x ATM Version)
  3. Rookie (Takkyu Ishino Remix)
  4. “Mikazuki Sunset (FPM Everlust Mix)”
  5. Light Dance YSST Remix 2015 (Remixed by Yoshinori Sunahara)
  6. Eiga (Aoki Takamasa Remix)
  7. Sample (Cosmic Version)
  8. Sayonara wa Emotion (Qrion Remix)
  9. Yes No (Aoki Takamasa Remix)
  10. Yoru no Odoriko (Agraph Remix)
  11. Music (Cornelius Remix)
  12. “Native Dancer (Rei Harakami Heppoko Re-Arrange)

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