Nothing’s Carved in Stone has announced a new album! This new album will carry the title, MAZE, and will release on September 16. The album will be available in only one version, so if you are interested in this release, you won’t have to spend a lot time deciding which edition to buy (or too much money if you’re one of those that buy all versions of a CD)

Afterwards, the band will embark on a short promo tour that will last less than a month, lasting from October 8-24.

MAZE album art


Regular edition 2700 yen


  1. YOUTH City
  2. The Poison Bloom
  3. Milestone
  4. Perfect Sound
  5. Looking for a DeLorean
  6. MAZE
  7. Discover, You Have To
  8. Calling Behaviour
  9. Go My Punks!!
  10. Gravity (Album Mix)
  11. Thief

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More info:
Official Website

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