It’s been six months since Liv’ert released their first full album. After a plenty of live performances the band has finally decided to release their sixth single titled “Victim”!

The new single titled Victim will be released on November 15, although there are no details revealed so far but we enjoy their new look meanwhile.

LIV'ERT Victim mukuro

Vocalist Mukuro (骸)

LIV'ERT Victim yu

Guitarist Yu (骸)

LIV'ERT Victim madara

Bassist Madara (斑)

LIV'ERT Victim tomoya

Drummer Tomoya (朋弥)

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Mukuro)
Twitter (Yu)
Twitter (Madara)
Twitter (Tomoya)
Blog (Mukuro)
Blog (Yu)
Blog (Madara)
Blog (Tomoya)

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