Kinsei o midasu aragau wa 4 byoshi (均整を乱す抗うは四拍子) will be showcasing an impressive four man and four band show September this year in Japan. That’s a total of 20 artists! The line up features Kiryu, R-Shitei, Vistlip and BugLug, and half the shows have really  sold out.

Check out the 4byoushi website and you can see they spare no expense for the service to fans with the eye popping photoshoot as seen above in the featured image, magazine covers, to extensive interviews including every member of the band. (Unfortunately yet to be translated)

img_interview_004 img_interview_003

img_interview_002 img_interview_001

Also take a look at the magazine covers for Stuppy Vol.6 for  July 17, SHOXX September issue Vol.271 out on July 21 and Cure Vol.144 out for the July 21.


4 Byoshi comment from Kiryu

4 Byoshi comment from R-Shitei

4 Byoshi comment from Vistlip

4 Byoshi comment from BugLug

Tour dates for Kinsei o midasu aragau wa 4 byoshi

9/9   Sendai Rensa
9/ 11 Sapporo PENNY LANE  Sold out
9/ 18 Zeppu Nagoya
9/ 19 Nanba hatchi (Standing Area Sold out)
9/ 21 Okayama CRAZYMAMA kingdom Sold out
9/ 22 Fukuoka DRUM Logos Sold out
9/ 26 Shinkiba sutajiokosuto

More info:
4byoushi Official Website

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