A couple of years ago, Satoshi from Girugamesh started his second band, REDMAN, and now bassist ShuU has followed in his footsteps! Featuring members from popular disbanded bands such as 9Goats Blackout and Laputa, ShuU created the new band, KEEL, back in 2013 as a special, one-time band. But, now they’ve returned as a full time band!

KEEL already has their debut album, Cthulhu, in the works and have uploaded a preview, seen above. Unfortunately, the album will only be sold during their first tour, KEEL 2015 Tour “Singularity”, on August 7,8, and 16.

Are you excited seeing Girugamesh members forming other bands? The preview really raised my excitement levels, so I’m anxiously waiting to get my hands on this release.

Vocal: Ryo (ex-9Goats Blackout, HOLLOWGRAM, TAG)
Guitar: aie (the god and death stars, highfashionparalyze, THE MADCAP LAUGHS)
Bass: ShuU (girugamesh)
Drums: Tomoi (ex-Laputa, C4)

More info:
Official Website

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