I was casually browsing the internet when I came across a post depicting some shots behind the scenes of kick-ass ESP guitars. These were showcased at an exhibition in Taiwan earlier this year. The collection included the ESP A-III as used by Aoi from the GazettE and model D-KV-7st used by DIR EN GREY‘s Kaoru.

Check out the photos below… Look at the Eclipses-V’s detailing…

tumblr_nsmlmhfvqc1todv0xo5_500 tumblr_nsmlmhfvqc1todv0xo4_1280

ESP exhibition Taiwan 2015


tumblr_nsmlmhfvqc1todv0xo6_500 tumblr_nsmlmhfvqc1todv0xo3_1280


Source: aoirous via VISUALZINE


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