Shota, from the NEOSEXUAL duo group ADAMS, greets all the visitors of JROCK NEWS with a video message, where he also promotes their upcoming album Original Love and world tour, covering Europe, Asia and USA.

ADAMS is all about LOVE.
An ultimate love, far from the barriers of gender, borders, clichés.
A universal message, a humanist band, this is ADAMS.

ADAMS describes itself as a “NEOSEXUAL” rock duo, incorporating the theme of Ultimate Love across the borders of gender into their lyrics, videos and live performances. The concept includes hints of scandal, and an électro pop sound. ADAMS members, vocalist Adam and guitarist Shota, want to create with this concept something original, revolutionary and timeless. The sexy image, captivating music and the never before seen concept of ADAMS create an irresistible combination.

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Vocalist ADAM


Guitarist Shota

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