Earlier this year, on February, a new unit called Lill (Live in lasting love) emerged from the members of Vistlip. And it is composed of vocalist Tomo and bassist Rui.

You might be guessing both will play the current roles they have in Vistlip. Well, Tomo will continue as vocalist but Rui will switch the bass for the microphone and sing along Tomo. Isn’t it awesome? Go watch the video above in which you can see them recording their first mini-album titled “Two Chics” released on April 15.

As you could see in the music video for “路上に咲く花 (Rojou ni Saku Hana)” there are more musicians in the band.

Who supported Lill in this mini-album?
Gt. Dora
Ba. Tetsuya Ohyama
Piano. Keiichi Sugiyama
Dr. 風弥 (Kazami) (DaizyStripper)

And some news! With Vistlip’s upcoming single “OVERTURE” on the way, the unit has announced a new mini-album to be released on September 23. In this new release Tomo and Rui will involve some noticeable musicians such as 和己 (Kazuki) from SCREW on the guitar, 玲夏 (Reika) from D=OUT on the bass and again 風弥 (Kazami) from DaizyStripper on drums. The title as well as the tracklist is yet to be revealed.

And here is the tracklist for “Two Chics”:

Two Chics [CD]
01. 路上に咲く花 (Rojou ni Saku Hana)
02. CXL
03. To Go To Meet Somebody.
04. Rewrite

Lill – Two Chics:
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