Karma and the doll Seiko, Kaede, Zen and … what? A new member? AvelCain has revealed a spot to promote the final live of their ongoing tour “釘、御札、午前二時…(Kugi Ofuda Gozenniji)” and we can see four silhouettes in it.

Personally, I’d like a new guitarist to join the band since this could add more versatility to their sound. In the other hand, as you may know, EVE (ex-Lycaon) is the current producer of AvelCain as well as the main composer of their music and studio drummer. Therefore, EVE joining as an official drummer could be interesting. I wonder why didn’t they do this before.

Also, Reito (known as AvelCain’s former drummer under the name Sou), who is playing the bass in the band Reirei, will depart after their live at Nagoya SECOND VISION. But this won’t happen until August 30, one day after AvelCain’s final live.

You can see AvelCain two more times until the final live:

08/09 (Sun) Okayama ARK
08/21 (Fri) Nagoya ELL

08/29 (Sat)
Doors open: 17:00/Curtain: 18:00
Tickets: Advance ¥ 2,800-

AvelCain – Omajinai:
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