In the midst of the wait for Liraizo’s first full album, here is the music video for their first single Flse Ranayosa (フルセラナヨサ).

In case you like what you are hearing, then you might be looking forward to their upcoming album Kodomo Tengoku (子供天国), which will hit stores on October 7. Despite the tracklist being unknown, I’m pretty sure this song as well as their two previous singles will be included in the upcoming album.

Flse Ranayosa, or reading it backwards “Sayonara Self, was released earlier this year on March 11 in only one edition containing two tracks and a DVD with the music video for the main track.

For those who don’t know, Liraizo is a band recently formed back in 2014 consisting of ex-members of popular bands such as SCREW, Mix Speaker’s Inc. and the now disbanded AND.

liraizo – flse ranayosa:
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Liraizo – Kodomo Tengoku:
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