Yesterday was the release of la la larks’ new single Hallelujah and man did I enjoy that release! But it doesn’t just stop there, the band decided to shoot a studio live performance on the same day as the single was released (July 29). A day later—that is today—we been bestowed this special studio live music video of Hallelujah, with every instrument recorded on the spot, including the wind instruments and the electronic sound (created through guitar effect pedals). The original music video clip is still available in yesterday’s coverage if you haven’t seen it yet, and while you’re at, you may as well freshen up your memories with more details of the release.

Update: The original full version of the music video has been archived by the original uploader, now replaced with a short version instead.

la la larks Halleluja


  1. Hallelujah
  2. Q And A
  3. Shikisai
  4. Hallelujah (Instrumental)
  5. Q And A (Instrumental)
  6. Shikisai (Instrumental)

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