The prestigious HIZAKI, current guitarist of Jupiter and “ex”-Versailles, had previously announced to visit South America soon, but the dates and venues back then were a mystery.

Now those details have been revealed and HIZAKI will visit only two cities and held one concert in each one.

And the chosen countries are Argentina and Brazil!

“Crimson Rose -SOUTH AMERICA-“
Buenos Aires (Argentina) at Auditorio B.A.U.E.N.
Saturday 8th of August
Purchase @ NeoTokyo

Sao Paulo (Brazil) at Inferno Club
Sunday 9th of August
Purchase @ Eventick

More info:
Twitter (HIZAKI)
Martbea (Argentinian Local Promoter)
B.A.U.E.N (Argentinian Venue)
Tour in Hell (Brazilian Local Promoter)
Inferno Club (Brazilian Venue)

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