DIR EN GREY’s Toshiya is traveling the same path of his bandmates by branching out with solo works of his own. The bassist of the group recently (July 27) launched a clothing line named, “DIRT 100% Natural Dirty“, in which he is its creative director.

From casual to mode, his clothing line all in unisex will focus on the “daily wear” as he will design everyday life apparel and interior goods to give you a glimpse of his unique and original lifestyle design.
– DIR EN GREY Facbook

To commemorate this grand event, the musician/designer has designed a few items that are ready for pre-order, but if you’re interested I suggest you act fast! As one of his inaugural designs, the oversized T-shirt, has already sold out; now all that remains are the standard sized T-shirts and a really cool bead ring.

The quoted text does fall into line with the images: the garments do look quite comfy and stylish, and the designs reflect Toshiya’s persona very well, I think. Personally, I would like to own the Note Skull T-shirt and the ring. What about you?

More info:
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Cameran (Toshiya)

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