DIAURA will be celebrating their 5th anniversary in December. In order to this celebration they will release their first compilation album with the best of DIAURA!

The details regarding the album are yet to be revealed.

Also, their new live DVD starts sales today! “Vanishing the Triangle Vision” will feature their tour final live held at 中野サンプラザ (Nakano Sun Plaza) earlier this year, on January 31.

It can be purchased via Ains Web-shop (DIAURA’s label) or at their live venues.

vanishing the triangle vision [DVD]
01. ID
02. Menace
03. 赤い虚像 (Akai Kyozou)
04. 砂上の夢 (Sajou no Yume)
05. モラトリアム (Moratorium)
06. Hypnosis
07. blind message
08. Case of Massmurder
10. 解離 (Kairi)
11. 境界線 (Kyokaizen)
12. アリア (Aria)
13. イノセント (Innocent)
15. Beautiful Creature
16. Silent Majority
17. from Under
18. 失 翼の聖域 (Shitsu Tubasa no Seiki)
01. Reason for Treason
02. 新世界 (Shinsekai)
03. Garden of Eden
04. ホライゾン (Horizon)
06. 自壊 (Jikai)

More news! The band will start celebrating their 5th anniversary with a one-man tour “Route of Infection” immediately the day after the release of the album:

diaura_oneman Schedule:
Case 01 Ebisu LIQUIDROOM 12/16 (Wed)
Case 02 Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!! 12/18 (Fri)
Case 03 HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama New Urban Center VJ-3 12/20 (Sun)
Case 04 Kumamoto DRUM B.9 V2 12/23 (Wed)
Case 05 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 12/24 (Thu)
Case 06 Okayama IMAGE 12/26 (Sat)
Case 07 Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO 12/27 (Sun)
Case 08 Tokyo Kinema Club 12/31 (Thu)
Case 09 umeda AKASO 1/6 (Wed)
Case 10 Osaka MUSE 1/7 (Thu)
Case 11 Nagoya Electric Lady Land 1/9 (Sat)
Case 12 Kanazawa AZ 1/10 (Sun)
Case 13 Niigata GOLDEN PIGS RED 1/12 (Tue)
Case 14 Koriyama #9 1/13 (Wed)
Case 15 Sendai darwin 1/14 (Thu)
Case 16 Sapporo cube garden 1/16 (Sat)
Case 17 Sapporo cube garden 1/17 (Sun)
Case 18 Zepp DiverCity Tokyo (Tour FINAL) 1/22 (Fri)

Individual look:

Vo. yo-ka Gt. 佳衣 (Kei)
Ba. .翔也 (Shoya) Dr. 達也 (Tatsuya)

DIAURA – Vanishing the Triangle Vision:
Purchase @ Ains Web-shop

More info:
Official Website
Twitter | Blog (DIAURA)
Twitter (yo-ka)
Twitter (Kei)
Twitter (Shoya)
Twitter (Tatsuya)

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