Just moments ago, DEZERT has made an important announcement at their official blog. Their guitarist キラ (Kira) has decided to depart from the band, and this will happen after the tour final live of their summer one-man tour, which will be celebrated at Akasaka Blitz on September 27. The live-limited CD they would distribute at the tour final will be cancelled.

The reason doesn’t seems to be musical differences but Kira’s own problems. He had also decided that DEZERT would be his last band.

Follow DEZERT in their summer one-man live tour, and meet Kira for one last time:
“[4時20分の解体実験 ]-前編- (4-Ji 20 Bu no Kaitai Jikken -Zenpen- )”
8/15 (Sat) Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE
8/16 (Sun) Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE
8/19 (Wed) Sendai BIRDLAND
8/22 (Sat) Okayama PEPPERLAND
8/23 (Sun) Fukuoka glaf
8/26 (Wed) Osaka fanj
8/27 (Thu) Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT

9/27 (Sun) Akasaka BLITZ

More info:
Official Website
Twitter | Blog (DEZERT)
Twitter (Kira)
Twitter (SaZ)
Twitter (SORA)

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