DECAYS, the new project from DIR EN GREY’s DIE has announced their first release. And it will not be an album or even a single, but a music video!

The music video will be titled “Secret mode” and will be available worldwide via iTunes on July 23.


Also, the line-up has been finally announced:
Vocal & Guitar: Die
Drums: 樫山 圭 (Kashiyama Kei) (MOON CHILD)
Vocal & Guitar: 小林 祐介 (Kobayashi Yusuke) (THE NOVEMBERS)
Bass G
☆ チドニー (Chidony)

DECAYS – Secret mode:
Purchase @ iTunes

More info:
Official Website
DIR EN GREY’s Official Website (Japanese)
DIR EN GREY’s Official Website (English)
Twitter (Kashiyama Kei)
Twitter (G)
Twitter (Chidony)

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