Blu-BiLLion will finally release their second full album on July 22. Titled “GENESIS“, it will come in three different editions.

Further, they have revealed a trailer containing some scenes of the recording of the album and a brief spot of their previous singles “Aqua”, “Tresor”, “GARDEN”, “Sincerely yours” and most recently, the double A-side single “Resonance”/”Monokuro no Hana”. A spot for “Miss Mermaid”, the second track of the album, has been also revealed.

disc_genesis_sho_a [CD]
01. コノセカイ (Kono Sekai)
02. Miss Mermaid
03. Aqua
04. Blind eyes
05. キミコレクション (Kimi Collection)
06. Tresor -トレゾア-
07. Resonance -共鳴-
08. モノクロの花 (Monokuro no Hana)
09. 奇跡の輪 (Kiseki no wa)
10. 東京シンデレラ (Tokyo Cinderella)
11. star mind
13. Sincerely yours
01. Miss Mermaid Music Video
02. Miss Mermaid Making of
disc_genesis_sho_b [CD]
Tracklist included above.
・Miss Mermaid -Solo Feature Clip-
1. ミケ (Mike) ver.
2. mag ver.
3. 宗弥 (Soya) ver.
4. 珀 (Haku) ver.
5. teru ver.
6. Seika ver.
・GENESIS Special Comment
disc_genesis_tsu [CD]
Tracklist above included + 14. Ready? -Bonus Track-

Individual look:

Vo. Mike
Vo. ミケ (Mike)
Gt. Soya
Gt. 宗弥 (Soya)
Gt. mag
Gt. mag
Ba. Haku
Ba. 珀 (Haku)
Dr. Seika
Dr. Seika
Kb. teru
Keyboard. teru

Blu-BiLLion – GENESIS:
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