WagakkiBand has finally announced their second full length album, to be titled “Yasou Emaki“. This will be the band’s first full length album to include originally composed work! To make the release even more special, an exclusive cover of “Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo“, originally composed by Kemu, will be included in all of the limited edition releases!

We’ve been following this band ever since their early years on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga, so it’s quite exciting to see just how far this band has gone. Their first album, “Vocaloid Zanmai”, which only included re-arranged vocaloid songs was their first step into merging fans from both worlds, consequentially giving birth to a new fan base and now even attracting fans from the west!

The big overseas debut happened back in 2014, when the band was invited to perform at one of France’s biggest anime convention Japan Expo, where they performed in front of thousands of people. Since then, Wagakki Band has set foot in other countries such as Taiwan.

The new upcoming album Yasou Emaki is due to release on September 2 and comes in six different edition.

WagakkiBand – Yasou Emaki:
Purchase @ CDJapan (Type A (DVD))
Purchase @ CDJapan (Type A (BD))
Purchase @ CDJapan (Type B (DVD))
Purchase @ CDJapan (Type B (BD))
Purchase @ CDJapan (Type C (CD))
Purchase @ mu-mo (Special: CD, 2DVD, BD, USB, Photos)

More info:
Official Website

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