Here’s some more great news from Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ)! The band just wrapped up their The Fifth Element Tour at Akasaka BLITZ, and announced not one, or two, but four new singles!

Last April, Matenrou Opera began a concept based on five elements staring with their eighth single, ether. Today, the band revealed some additional details about the next four elements. Three digital singles will be released from June to August. The first of the three titles of the consecutive releases is titled Kimi to Miru Kaze Ni Yukue (君と見る風の行方). This single will be released via iTunes on June 18, 00:00 JST. Its element is air and the slot belonging to it has just been open on the band’s concept site, The Elements.

The second single to be released in July corresponds with the element water; the third single which launches in August is represented by earth. And finally, their ninth single will be released under the last element, fire, on October 21!

As an admirer of Matenrou Opera, it comes as no surprise that I’d like the preview for this (very promising) track. What does, however, is just how beautiful it sounds! By the way, the credits and lyrics for the first single are posted in the description on YouTube.
Matenrou Opera Kimi to Miru Kaze no Yukue

Kimi to Miru Kaze Ni Yukue

 Digital single 250 yen


Buy at iTunes or Recochoku

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The Elements
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