It’s been awhile since I could say that I was “fascinated” by an album release, but the quadruplets from Marmalade Butcher really did it with their most recent and first album Uteruchesis!

Before I fill you in on the details, fans of the Tokyo based band abstracts or the San Diego based CHON and the Washington, D.C. based Animals as Leaders will most likely find this suiting for your senses. Recognize any of the aforementioned bands? Then it will come to no surprise that Marmalade Butcher is basically an all instrumental progressive rock band, with excellent skills in creating (fast paced) melodic songs.

Mainly the songs found on the album are composed by guitars, bass and drums but occasionally synthesizers and electronic distortion are to be found, even some funky vocals can be heard in the song Voice of Chloe. As the nature of progressive rock, their songs will trigger a few of your jazz wires by the off beats and unpredictable structure.

What I love about their songs that there is not a moment or boredom. The arrangements are very well structured in timing, shaping a balance between high and low dynamics, along with the right elements to fill in the gaps, such as adding effects to only one certain part – that might not last long, but makes a hell of a difference. Melodies are never-ending and certainly envelopes you into their world.

This is one band I’d really like to recommend despite any sub-genre you might be inclined to, especially if you’re sick and tired of all the typical recycled riffs and arrangements the mainstream music has to offer.

Give this a chance, it might save your life (or not).

An album crossfade is available via their Soundcloud:

Marmalade Butcher – Uteruchesis:
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