Our favorite four guys who makes up the band Golden Bomber has this time around – once again – brought us an entertaining and interesting music video. “Shinda Tsuma ni Niteiru” is the title of the new single, supposedly about a person being haunted by the though of his dead wife, ultimately being so stressful leading to some serious resort, as seen in the video.

One cool (or disgusting) bonus material that comes with this release is a chosen fragrance card. The difference from these fragrance from any other you might encounter, is that these fragrance (odor) replicates nothing less than the “body smell” of each member. At this point most Golden Bomber fans wouldn’t be too surprised even if it was their urine odor.

Before I go off track, the new material will be out in four different version, with each version sung by a different member. They are not sorted in types, but rather collectibles as an unit. You also don’t have to worry about paying a lot more even when getting all four releases, as each version is only $7.75 USD (925 yen), that’s justifyable, especially for those who are craving to smell the members, one-by-one.

Shinda Tsuma ni Niteiru is due to release May 29.

Golden Bomber – Shinda Tsuma ni Niteiru:
Purchase @ CDJapan (Sung by vocalist Kiryuin Sho)
Purchase @ CDJapan (Sung by guitarist Yutaka Kyan)
Purchase @ CDJapan (Sung by bassist Jun Utahiroba)
Purchase @ CDJapan (Sung by drummer Kenji Darvish)

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