In the middle of DEATHGAZE’s indefinite hiatus, bassist Kousuke is taking another step in his musical career by teaming up with the metal band Unveil Raze. As you might have guessed, he will be taking the role as the bassist.

Unveil Raze now follows a line up of RYO on vocals with guitarists TOKIYA and TSUYOSHI (A.K.A. “FiVE”), KOUSUKE on bass and MASAFUMI (A.K.A. “Kamille”) on drums.

The band has also announced their upcoming live where KOUSUKE will be featured, taking place in “Imaike Club 3 Star”, Japan next week on the 21st, along with 4 other bands: AMATSUKAZE, Hazythings, The Undertone and The Uxie.

As a little side note, if you never heard of Unveil Raze before hopefully the name “Heartless” will ring a bell, this was after all where Unveil Raze’s guitarist FiVE (previously named “Rouga“) started his sparkles in the Japanese rock/metal scene. Heartless also consisted of boogieman‘s talented vocalist Shu, but unfortunately their activities seems to have been on-hold since the end of 2011, when their drummer was forced to retreat from band activities due to poor health.

Bassist Kouske

Bassist Kouske

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