DEZERT has announced the release of a new live-limited album titled “暫定的オカルト週刊誌(1) (Zanteiteki Occult Shuukanshi)(1)” (¥2,800) and will be sold at their one-man live “嘔吐のすゝめ-2- (Outo no Susume-2-)” at TSUTAYA O-EAST on April 25. It will include tracks from their previous live-limited releases and a new song!

01. 秘密 (Himitsu)
02. Sister
03. 包丁の正しい使い方-思想編- (Houchou no Tadashii Tsukaikata~Shisouhen~)
04. 包丁の正しい使い方-実行編- (Houchou no Tadashii Tsukaikata~Jikkouhen~)
05. 包丁の正しい使い方-終息編- (Houchou no Tadashii Tsukaikata~Shuusokuhen~)
06. 誤解 (Gokai)
07. 大塚ヘッドロック (Otsuka Headlock)
08. 遭難 (Sounan)
09. ゴシック (Gothic)

“DEZERT ONEMAN LIVE “嘔吐のすゝめ-2- (Outo no Susume)”


Time: Open: 16:30/ Start: 17:30
Ticket: Adv: ¥3,500/ Day: ¥4,000

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