As you may already know, earlier this year KISAKI announced that LIN (凛) would go on a brief activity pause due to the passing away of a dear friend: Shirakawa Yoshihisa (白川善久) — a sound adviser for LIN (and several other bands).

Shortly after they resumed their recordings and the new single titled MementoMori will be released on April 15! According to CDJapan, the single features Hitoki (人時) of Kuroyume (黒夢) and it was produced and arranged by Shoji Nemoto. There will be a special DVD included for those who purchase the single from their official web shop. It includes live footage and a message from the band, clocking in around thirty minutes. And for those ordering from HMV, you’ll receive an exclusive postcard.

LIN will also be guests along with Anli Pollicino on the Nico Nico program NICO Visu (ニコびじゅ) on April 7. They talk about the their 11th single and other band related activities. Check out the floor guide here for more details.

Personally, I think the band’s EP Recollection of Phoenix (which is available on iTunes) was very impressive! So I’m optimistic about the new single. By the way, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the EP yet, I would like to recommend you to do so very soon (I’ll post the purchase link below)!

LIN Memento-mori


1800 – 1944 yen
  1. Memento-Mori
  2. Cross Peagent
  3. Forbidden
  4. Memento-Mori~Scene of curtain fall…

Buy at CDJapan, HMV or LIN’s Webstore

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