My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND’s has unveiled several promotion videos of their recently announced mini-album “MIMIC“, one of them where we get a 60 seconds glimpse of their upcoming music video with the same title.

Keep a special eye on April 1, when their first mini-album will be released! It come in two edition whereas each edition will contain their own separate music video.

Also, wow, love that breakdown in MIMIC!

01. 嗚咽 (Oetsu)
02. ネジレル (Nejireru)
04. 灰色の森 Haiiro no Mori
05. 凶の世界 (Kyou no Sekai)
06. 目覚める2分前 (Mezameru Ni Bunmae)[DVD] (Type A)
嗚咽 (Oetsu) Music Video[DVD] (Type B)
凶の世界 (Kyou no Sekai)

More info:
Official Website
YouTube Channel

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