【SPOT】DOAK 1st SINGLE「揚羽-ageha-」

Yuuki (ex-Unsraw) came back with a new project called ERIZA just a a year ago and now he is forming a new band called DOAK with the current members of ERIZA, Gt. Satoshi (ex. D.I.D) and Ba. IORI (ex-ORGE, Créateur (as support)), and Dr. Kazuharu.

From today, 04/01 on, I will be forming DOAK together with Satoshi, IORI, and Kazuharu.

The long time that I’ve made you wait, I will give you back a hundred times.

For I will be reckless.

Come along with me with body and soul.

The greatest scenery, a dream you won’t wake from.

Let’s drown together”

2015.04.01. Yuuki

We have a preview already! It is from their first single titled “揚羽-ageha-“, but there no release date yet. Their first live will be held somewhere in Tokyo on June 14.

More info:
Official Website

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