AvelCain has recently announced the release of their new mini-album “おまじない“/”Omajinai” to be released next month on April 29. The single release has been postponed from April 29 to May 27 due to production prolongation.

It will be released in two types: limited edition (2500 yen + tax) will include a 5 tracks CD, a 4-page lyrics leaflet, a bonus item and a super jewel case, while regular edition (2000 yen + tax) will contain the same 5 track CD, a 4 page lyrics leaflet and a bonus item.

In addition, a one-man tour has been announced to commemorate the sale of their new mini-album that will last three months taking AvelCain to thirteen cities and fifteen different venues.

Temporarily, Ba. Zen will pause live performance activities due to his health problems. However, this fact won´t affect AvelCain´s future. In substitution, Ba. Mio (ex-Lycaon) will perform with the band in their currently planned live schedule.

釘、御札、午前二時…” (Kugi, Ofuda, Gozenniji…)
05/03 (Sun) Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
05/16 (Sat) Kashiwa ThumbUp
05/29 (Fri) Hamamatsu FORCE
05/31 (Sun) Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
06/06 (Sat) Okinawa CYBER BOX
06/13 (Sat) Gifu ants
06/14 (Sun) OSAKA MUSE
06/21 (Sun) Fukuoka DrumSon
06/27 (Sat) Fukuoka Namiki Junction
07/11 (Sat) Sendai MACANA
07/13 (Mon) Morioka Club Change
07/28 (Tue) Sapporo COLONY
08/09 (Sun) Okayama ARK
08/21 (Fri) Nagoya ELL

08/29 (Sat) TSUTAYA O-EAST
Doors open: 17:00/Curtain: 18:00
Tickets: Advance ¥ 2,800-

And here is AvelCain in the new look:

Vo. 業-karma-

Gt. 楓-kaede-

Ba. 禅-zen-

Doll: 聖子-seiko-


01. 自ラノ業ヲ自ラ得 SE (Jira no Gyou wo Jira Toku)
02. 片想い (Kataomoi)
03. 相合傘 (Aiaigasa)
04. 午前二時 (Gozenniji)
05. おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai)

AvelCain – Omajinai:
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Purchase @ CDJapan (Regular edition)

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