Alice Nine has just recently released a new music video and announced a new album, but even more, in conjunction with their rebirth they also started a new (worldwide) crowdfunding campaign called “A9 Fund Project“. Of course, with crowdfunding projects comes rewards as well, help out the band while receiving something awesome back!

The goal of this crowdfunding project is to create great music for the people and not rely on “fans to buy several copies of a same workpiece” or music charts for exposure, which is essentially just a marketing tactic to gain popularity these days, this is especially true in Japan.

“Rewinding the past from the celebration of 10th anniversary of our band, we are questioning today’s formalized pattern of recommending fans to buy several copies of a same workpiece for the ranking on music charts, which goes too far from the essence of being an artist, as it should be delivering good music to the public.What’s the most important thing for bringing good music to people? What’s the reason of being indie artist and starting this project? Aren’t there any ways to repay those who have always been supporting us? And we get only one answer, “Crowd Funding”, from our gropes.

To redefine the relationship of artists and the listeners who support them, we start our new challenge from knowing nothing as our first step to be what we want to be.

Although a small beam of light seems to be dim, but when gathering together it becomes bright light.

Would you please give us a hand?

From A9 members”

Make sure to show your support before March 31, which is when the crowdfunding project ends!

Alice Nine’s crowdfunding project:
A9 Fund Project
A9 Fund Project Details (English)

More info:
Official Website

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