Yesterday, Yoshiki shocked and worried fans with his announcement to push off a necessary hand surgery in order to be able to play at X Japan’s upcoming tour. Today, Yoshiki spoke up about this issue on his twitter, and despite fans wishes for him to undergo surgery, he stated that he will in fact push off the surgery, and will “play until it becomes impossible to use the hand”. Here is a translation of his tweet:

It looks like even if I undergo this surgery, there’s no guarantee my right hand will get better. It may even be the case that I won’t be able to use it from that point on. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to continue until it’s no longer possible. I’m sorry I made you all worry, but I’ll be OK. #WeAreX

While this is certainly not what fans wanted, his confidence on the matter seems to put some fans’ minds at ease. We certainly hope everything works out for the best for Yoshiki.

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Source: J-rock Radio | Translation by Shmilly

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