Ever felt like wanting asking Akane of D.I.D. various questions? Well, now is your chance!

Akane of D.I.D. has just opened up an ask.fm account where you’re free to ask any question up to 300 characters (yes, even in English). Various questions has already been flooding the feed, ranging from how old he was when receiving his first kiss to his religious beliefs.

Below are some other interesting questions and answers picked out from his ask.fm page:

How is your health now? Are you ok?

I have a strained back. I hurt on 2014.12.31

Do you think there are human beings with no worth of value?

Yes, there are.

What’s your favorite foreign band?

Story of the year

Do/did you watch anime?

Yes. I love anime

Do you learn English on your own or do you have someone who is teaching you?
I learned at junior high school and high school. and, on my own.

We also learned that Akane is a big fan of Russia and that the reason why he cut his hair short was because it was a nuisance during his stay at the hospital.

Ask your own questions via ask.fm.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Akane)
Ask.fm (Akane)

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