Just a week ago sukekiyo teased us with a short fragment for the song “focus” in their SoundCloud account to promote their first mini-album “VITIUM“, which will be released on February 4th. Today the band just revealed a short version music video for the above mentioned song showing us the previously teased version and 15 extra seconds. This extra seconds may seem a small thing to you, but we can see the beginning of the guitar solo and how the song changes its sound and becomes faster in the last seconds of the video.

As a side note, it was announced at their official Twitter account that, the remaining songs of disc two – containing remix and collaborations -, will include two collaborations more, with X-Japan´s vocalist, Toshi, in the song “Ameagari no Yuushi” (雨上がりの優詩) and KYO´s favorite actor, Hiroshi Mikami, in the song “focus“.

Reminder: Deluxe and first press limited editions only available at Kyo´s official online store.

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sukekiyo – VITIUM

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