We can all agree music has and can inspire people to do great things, and it seems Dragon Ball creator Akirama Toriyama is no exception. Apparantly, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE’s single “F” released back in 2008 was the inspiration for the newly announced Dragon Ball movie “Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F“. The title of the movie directly reflects his inspiration on the song, but that is not all. Not only has Akira Toriyama said that he thought of the new movie’s story while listening to MTH’s “F”, but MTH’s member Ryo revealed that the song “F” is in fact a song inspired on the character Frieza, the main antagonist of the new movie, and constant enemy on the series (And it’s not much of a surprise, the song alludes to Frieza and other Dragon Ball characters and references quite directly).  As such, “F” has been chosen to be the movie’s official battle theme.

A manga that inspired a song that in turn inspired the manga (or movie). I guess we could all say Akira pretty much inspired himself without knowing. It’s kind of amazing when things like this happen, and it only proves that both music and manga can inspire people to create amazing things.

“Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F” opens on Japanese theaters on April 18.

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