It’s been quite some time since we covered news regarding the former vocalist of D’espairsRay – who now works as a designer in his company: Umbrella. However, the big news this week was announced by the convention Naka-kon, revealing some delightful treat for the fans in the states! Hizumi will be attending at the upcoming convention Naka-kon, located at Overland Park, Kansas, somewhere between March 13-15.

For the time being there are no words on the exact date on when Hizumi will be attending and what he will bring to the convention. Though, it is safe to say that you’ll at least be able to find merchandise from his own brand.

Are you planning on attending?

Naka-kon convention info:

Location: Overland Park Convention Center
Address: 6000 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66211
When: March 13-15

More info:
Naka-kon Convention
Umbrella Online Store
Twitter (Hizumi)

Source: Shattered-Tranquility, Naka-kon: Hizumi

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