A little over six hours ago, DADAROMA posted this message on Twitter:

【拡散希望】 新宿BLAZEワンマン決定記念✞こちらのツイートが500リツイートを突破した時点で「始動ワンマン舞台裏映像」を配信決定!!リハーサル風景や若干のライブ映像も収録!!是非皆様のご協力お願いします✞✞ pic.twitter.com/VM9Lpbt4gV

— DADAROMA official (@DDRM_official) January 21, 2015

Basically it says that they’ll publish footage from their first one-man live (at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, on Jan. 11) if the tweet is retweeted 500 times. The tweet stands at 533 at the moment, and, as promised, the video was released less than one hour ago. The video contains scenes of the rehearsal and live, as well as some backstage footage. It’s pretty great, so check it out!

More info:
Official Website
YouTube Channel

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