Straight after the final performance of Codomo Dragon‘s (コドモドラゴン) “Victim of SODOM”, tour on January 18, the band announced the date for their next release, “WARUAGAKI“. This will be the eighth maxi-single from the band, and it’ll become available on March 18, in four types. Although the final track list has yet to be decided, we know each version will include the title track, and types A and B include a DVD while C and D will contain six tracks. Random trading cards of the members are also included (ten types in total), and it’s ready for pre-orders on CDJapan–who is also offering an exclusive photo as a bonus.

Type-A limited edition:
2. Title to be announced
1. WARUAGAKI music video & making-of

Type-B limited edition:
2. Title to be announced
1. WARUAGAKI multi-angle music video

Type-C regular edition:
2. Title to be announced
3. Title to be announced
4. WARUAGAKI -vocalless ver.-
5. Title to be announced -vocalless ver.-
6. Title to be announced -vocalless ver.-

Type-D regular edition:
2. Title to be announced
3. Title to be announced
4. WARUAGAKI -vocalless ver.-
5. Title to be announced -vocalless ver.-
6. Title to be announced  -vocalless ver.-

In March and April, Codomo Dragon will promote WARUAGAKI with twenty in-store events, all while they’re on their next one-man tour.

WARUAGAKIIn-store Event Schedule:
03/18 (Wed) Shinjuku Tower Records
03/18 (Wed) Shinjuku Lumine BLUE BEAT VILLAGE VANGUARD
03/20 (Fri) Nagoya Zeal link 
03/20 (Fri) Nagoya Like an Edison
03/23 (Mon) Osaka Little Hearts
03/23 (Mon) Osaka Like an Edison Osaka
03/25 (Wed) Magical Square
03/28 (Sat) Fukuoka TSUTAYA Tenjin Station
04/6 (Mon) ongaku-dokoro Music Shop
04/9 (Thu) Sendai Little Hearts
04/12 (Sun) Utsunomiya Shinseido LaLasquare
04/13 (Wed) Niigata R.I.P
04/20 (Mon) Shibuya Tower Records
04/22 (Wed) Tokyo Like an Edison
04/22 (Wed) Jishuban Club
04/23 (Thu) Like an Edison
04/23 (Thu) Harajuku Zeal link Shibuya
04/24 (Fri) Shinjuku Little Hearts
04/26 (Sun)  Takadanobaba Zeal link
04/26 (Sun) Brand X

One-man Tour 2015 Schedule:
3/21 (Sat) Nagoya E.L.L
3/22 (Sun) OSAKA MUSE
3/24(Tue) Okayama IMAGE
3/26 (Thu) Hiroshima CAVE-BE
3/27 (Fri) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
4/04 (Sat ) SapporoKRAPS HALL
4/05 (Sun) Sapporo KRAPS HALL
4/08 (Wed) Aomori Quarter
4/10 (Fri) Sendai darwin
4/11 (Sat) Utsunomiya HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-2
4/14 (Tue) Niigata GOLDEN PIGS RED STAGE
4/16 (Thu) Takasaki clubFLEEZ
4/18 (Sat) Saitama HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-3
4/19 (Sun) Kashiwa PALOOZA
4/25 (Sat) Yokohama FAD

4/29 (Wed) Shinjuku BLAZE

And here are the individual photos for Codomo Dragon’s new look!

Vo. Hayato  (ハヤト)

Gt. Kana (華那)

Gt. Yume (ゆめ)

Ba. meN-meN

Dr. Chamu  (チャム)

Codomo Dragon – WARUAGAKI:
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