ALSDEAD just completely renewed their official website today along with a new look for the band and the announcement of their new maxi-single “INAZUMA“, to be out in stores on March 11th.
INAZUMA” will come in 2 types: Limited edition (¥1,700 + tax) will include CD+DVD and regular edition (¥1,200 + tax) will contain CD only.

The band also announced the unification of their blogs in only one account. Therefore their personal blogs won´t be updated anymore. Along each day of the week each member is going to update the new blog.


03.EVOⅢ (only in regular edition)

INAZUMA Making of
Individual looks:

Vo. Maki: Twitter

Gt. Shin: Twitter

Ba. Yosuke: Twitter

Dr. Nikky: Twitter

Purchase @ CDJapan

More info:
Official Website
New Blog

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