Hiroya, guitarist of ex-NEGA’s SAN’s new band the:Ø, has announced to depart after their live held on January 23 at ASH Osaka. The reason for his departure seems to be musical differences. Hiroya has left a message explaining his departure:

As you can read in the announcement, it has been decided that I will leave the:Ø on January 23rd.

When we started being active as the:Ø I knew absolutely nothing but the members and everyone around me helped me a lot and for me it was the first time to release a proper CD. These were days full of fun and only new experiences.
But during that time I realized more and more that the music I want to make and the things I want to do are different from my current path. So I decided to depart.
I’m sorry for the sudden announcement. We will give our very best at every single live as five member band until January 23rd, so please treat us well.

the:Ø formed this past July and has released only two singles so far, with their latest one being DISTANCE, released this past October. We hope the band will be able to pull past through their member loss and continue as strong as they have.

Source: OHP
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