Not too long ago Reita made a sudden move to join Twitter where Ruki shortly confirmed his existence on the platform via a retweet. Though, was this really such a “sudden” move on Reita’s side? Apparently not, as Reita has been on the platform for some time now but only decided to reveal himself now.

So what actually caused Reita to join Twitter? Find out in the band’s transcribed radio show conversation at BUZZ ROCK from December 1.

The translated part below was originally published by “fat-maggot”.

[Dramatic music plays]
Reita: Incident: I started using Twitter.
Ruki: Who the hell cares.
DJ: So how is it [Twitter]?
Reita: At one point I got bored with it, but I got back into it.
Ruki: [Incoherent mumbling]
Reita: What?
Ruki: Tell them your original reason for starting an account.
Reita: I originally just wanted to create a fake account [to troll].
DJ: Aah!
Reita: I just created an account at home and I tweeted “I’ve started using Twitter”, although, no one followed me!
DJ: [Laughter]
Reita: Even when I tweeted “No one is following me, so I don’t have anything to write…”, still no new followers.
DJ: [Tries to stop laughing] Wait? Wait? Aha. Are you really that dumb?
Reita: No, no. Listen, listen. So apparently there’s a lot of fake Reita accounts, but I was wondering why I am the only one with zero followers, so I went and asked Ruki and he said “No shit”. Ruki told me to follow him, and so I did. He retweeted me, and the ball started rolling from there.
Ruki: Even our manager was asking him if he wanted to make it official, because theres a way to do that, though, he said “No”. He wanted to troll, so I told him “Then it’s fine the way it is”, although… He told me “No, but I want followers! This is too boring.”.

In conclusion, silly Reita started using Twitter with the intention to pose and troll as a “fake Reita”, but miserably failed—due to lack of followers. In the end, he had to ask Ruki to help him get more followers, consequently revealing that Reita’s troll account was in fact run by Reita himself. Now you also know why Reita’s Twitter handle looks so random, “gazette05Reita“.

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