Voice actress Minori Chihara surprises with a new catchy rock song “Mukaikaze ni uta renagara” in the opening theme of the anime adaption Rail Wars!. The single was released back in July.

Rail Wars! started off as a written novel in 2012, by Takumi Toyoda. The unique story about a parallel world where Japan did not privatize its national railways was soon well recognized, and just two years later an anime adaption of the series was ready.

In the anime, Minori Chihahra does not only sing the opening theme song but also participates as a supporting character named Noa Kashima. As of now the anime adaption has already ended and there is no word on a seconded season.

I was quite surprised that this anime was provided with this kind of song (in a positive manner) as the anime is about trains. In either way, it’s really a great and catchy song!

Minori Chihara – Mukaikaze ni uta renagara:
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