Almost half a year ago, Lycaon announced the release of a new single (Shadow: available since Oct. 22, 2014) and a new, full album titled “Camera obscura-カメラオブスキュラ-“, determined to be released on February 4, 2015! Although information like track list details and cover art are still under lock and key, we now know that the album will be available in two editions so far: Limited, which will include bonus tracks, for 3300yen and regular for 3000yen, and you may reserve a copy of your choice over at CDJapan!

(*Very important notice: CDJapan has the album listed as “Camera of Skylla” which is incorrect. You will not find the album by searching “Lycaon Camera obscura”, you have to use CDJapan’s mistranslation of the title or search by Lycaon alone, or you can use the link I’ve provided below)

Camera obscura  – pre-order: CDJapan
Shadow – purchase: CDJapan
Also, Lycaon will embark on a seven stop, one-man tour to commemorate/promote the new album’s release, starting on March 7 at Ikebukuro EDGE. The tour final will take place in Tokyo, at a venue and date that have yet to be announced. Additional tour date details are below:

03/07/2015 Saturday at Ikebukuro EDGE Sold out
03/08/2015 Sunday at IkebukuroEDGE Sold out
03/14/2015 Saturday at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL Sold out
03/15/2015 Sunday at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL Sold out
03/28/2015 Saturday at OSAKA MUSE
03/29/2015 Sunday at OSAKA MUSE

TOUR FINAL to be announced
2015/XX/XX Somewhere in Tokyo

Source: Lycaon OHP

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