Nightmare´s Hitsugi (as HITS) and ex-AYABIE´s Kenzo (as KNZ) solo project “GREMLINS” just announced the release of their 1st full album!

The new album title is finalized as “MAD THEATER” and will be released on February 18th. The album will be sold in 2 types: type A will contain CD+DVD (¥ 3500 + tax) and type B will contain only CD (¥ 3000 + tax). No more details have been revealed.

Furthermore, the band announced that they will go on their 1st one-man tour “MAD SHOW” next year.

GREMLINS 1st one-man Tour 2015 “MAD SHOW”
2/25 (wed) at darwin, Sendai
2/27 (fri) at ell.FITS ALL, Nagoya 
2/28 (Sat) at OSAKA MUSE, Osaka
3/05 (Thu) at Shinjuku ReNY, Tokyo

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