As we previously reported Acid Black Cherry will release their 4th album titled “L” (L-エル-) next year on February 4th. The release date has been delayed to February 25 due to unspecified production issues, All the types will contain a 13 tacks total CD, including ABC´s latest singles “INCUBUS”“Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~”, “Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara…”, and “GREED GREED GREED”. Each type will include different bonus content:

Type A

13-track CD
Project “Shangri-la” Encore Season Arena Tour live concert (performed at Nippon Budokan on May 29th, 2014
Set list:
02. Murder License
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~
07. Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara…
08. Maria
09. So…good night.
10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no alibi~
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la
14. ENC -doomsday clock
15. ENC -scar
17. ENC -20+∞ Century Boys
100-page L concept story book
Type B
13-track CD
60-minute Project “Shangri-la” documentary covering all stops on the 10-month long tour, including off-shots, backstage clips, and interviews with yasu
PVs for “GREED GREED GREED”, “Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~”, “Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara…” and “INCUBUS”.
Live concert MC best selection from each stop on the tour.
100-page L concept story book.
Type C
13-track CD
44-page Acid Black Cherry photo book
The tour dates for the promotion of the album were released as well:
Acid Black Cherry 2015 Tour Lーエルー
3/10 Hiroshima Bunkagakuen HBG Hall (Hiroshima)
3/12 Hiroshima Bunkagakuen HBG Hall (Hiroshima)
3/18 Fukuoka Sun Palace (Fukuoka)
3/21 Kagoshima Hozan Hall (Kagoshima)
3/23 Biwako Hall (Shiga)
3/25 Kobe International Conference Center International Hall (Hyogo)
3/29 Tokyo International Forum Hall A (Tokyo)
4/01 Alpha Anabuki Hall (Kanagawa)
4/03 Festival Hall (Osaka)
4/07 Fukui Phoenix Plaza (Fukui)
4/09 Yokkaichi Cultural Center Hall 1 (Mie)
4/13 Act City Hamamatsu Great Hall (Shizuoka)
4/16 Honda Forest Hall (Ishikawa)
4/19 Hokuto Cultural Center Great Hall (Nagano)
4/21 Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall (Aichi)
5/01 Omiya Sonic City Great Hall (Saitama)
5/07 Morioka Civic Cultural Hall (Iwate)
5/11 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (Miyagi)
5/13 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (Miyagi)
5/15 Koriyama Civic Cultural Center Grand Hall (Fukushima)
5/26 Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Niigata)
5/28 Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Niigata)
6/03 Nitori Cultural Hall (Hokkaido)
6/11 Kurashiki Civic Center (Okayama)
6/15 Matsuyama Civic Center (Ehime)
Tickets for the upcoming tour will go on sale on February 21st (7560 yen each).
INCUBUS (single) :

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