Nico Jam Records will be officially unveiled on January 14, 2015, and the first act to represent the label is a new band named @LOID. Their debut single, fittingly titled “Bre@k out!” is composed by Yairi (Vocaloid producer and singer/guitarist of SOL) and will be available on the same date that the band commences activities – November 22, 2014. Below are the members and their positions along with details for their upcoming single, which will be available in limited quantities – 500.

Haruk@: Vo. Twitter  and  Yuuki: Gt. Twitter         
Mitsuru: Ba. Twitter and Mutan: Dr. Twitter     
Bre@k outlimited edition
01. -SP@CE LOID-
02. Bre@k out!
 03. Lost d@ys
Bre@k out – PV
Bre@k out! – Off Shot
Pre-order: CDJapan
Source: @LOID OHP 

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