NOCTSCURE has one more release for us before the end of this year! Their 2nd single “ADIKIA (アディキア)” will become available on December 10. The 3 track single has just 1 type and will cost 1296 yen. NOCTSCURE will also hold their 2nd one-man live titled “Souzou to zankyou no Shikkounin (葬造ト懺響ノ執行人)” on April 18, 2015 at Chelsea Hotel in Shibuya. Sadly, I was unable to find a site to pre-order the single from, but I’ll update you if I can find one.


01.ADIKIA (アディキア)
02.Impurity Valse
03.raison d’etre (レゾンデイト)


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