To continue our Nyanko Scandal Factory promotion, here’s the second featured artist: tezya!

tezya, the artist of “glamour future rock’n’roll” will hold his second live performance in Sweden, arranged once again by Nyanko Scandal Factory. During his tour you will also have a chance to meet him in France, Moscow, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

tezya is a Japanese musician, composer, singer, model and designer all in one! Influenced by David Bowie, T-Rex and other artists of UK 80’s Rock and glam rock scene he started his own music career in 1992 with bands as Grace ModE, FiX, ATOMIC ZaZa and MeGAROPA.

He has also worked with names as SUGIZO (Luna Sea, X-Japan), ASAKI (AGE of PUNK, BUG,), Fumihiko Kitsutaka (X.Y.Z →A) and even a keyboard player of GUNS N’ ROSES with whom he managed to work together during his trip to Los Angeles.

The low charismatic singing voice can be said to be tezya’s greatest charm point and unique sound influenced by 80’s UK Rock scene, glam rock, new wave are main distinctive features of this musician.

tezya’s first solo album LIFE MY BABYLON was released in September 2010.

Tour dates:
2014.11.08 – Lyon, France
2014.11.10 – Stockholm, Sweden
2014.11.12 – Moscow, Russia
2014.11.14 – Kiev, Ukraine:
2014.11.16 – Almaty, Kazakhstan:

Live show in Sweden:
Date: November 10th 2014
Venue: KGB Bar & RestaurantStockholm, Sweden
Show starts at: 9.00 PM
Entrance: 60 SEK
(50% off to those who attended RockBitch Boat (2014))

More info:

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