SuG: New Single & New Look!

SuG will release a brand new single titled “CRY OUT on November 19, 2014! The single was arranged by Tomonori Hayashibe – member of the electro band Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, and it’s said that the rock and pop infused tune will resonate with the bands classic “SuG-like punk” style!

The single will be available in three types: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and Regular Edition. Both limited edition DVDs contain 2 videos and will feature a music video for “CRY OUT” (Type A will have the regular PV while Type B has the “band only version”) – but the offshoot footage is exclusive to Limited Edition A, and the footage from their live in Thailand is exclusive to Limited Edition B. Other options include a rebirth version of “39GalaxyZ” (Type A) or “heavy+electro+dance+punk” (Type B).

Cry Out [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
02. 39GalaxyZ -Rebirth version-
1. CRY OUT -Music Video-
 2. CRY OUT -Music Video Shooting OFFSHOT-

Cry Out [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]
02. heavy+electro+dance+punk -Rebirth version-
01. CRY OUT -Music Video Band Only Ver.-
2. LIVE in Thailand

Cry Out [Regular Edition]
 01. CRY OUT
02. Nevermind

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New look:
Masato (Gt.) & Takeru (Vo.) & Yuji (Gt.)
Chiyu (Ba.) & Shinpei (Dr.)

Source: SuG OHP

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