liraizo has announced its first mini-album titled himitsu club, and is set to release on November 26 and will cost 2484 yen. however, I could not find any pre-order links

For those that don’t know, liraizo is a new band formed this year consisting of ex-members from relatively popular bands such as SCREW, Mix Speaker’s Inc., and the now disbanded AND. this is actually their first release since their formation, so it will be interesting to see what kind of music they will produce.

Also, the band has revealed that their name comes form the combination of two Latin words: liberi (children) and paraiso (paradise). so in other words, children’s paradise. hopefully this will add more anticipation to the sound they will produce. Here is a preview for those who are curious to hear how they sound.

01. himitsu club (秘密クラブ)
02. tsumi to batsu (罪と罰)
03. aka (赫)
04. kurushiki hibi (苦しき日々)
05. shinsekai (新世界)
06. daikirai na oto (大嫌いな音)

Vocal: YUKI (ex-Mix Speaker’s,Inc.)
Guitar: kiri (キリ) (ex-gizell, blocken, AND (アンド))
Guitar: touma (冬摩) (ex-Ladyant Black, Circus)
Bass: yuuto-man ( ユウトマン) (ex-JOKER, gossip, SCREW, BLACK////RUN)
Drums: suzune (鈴音) (ex-DIS, AND (アンド))

Source: OHP

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